Creative Director focused on spatial and digital experiences for global brands

With over a decade of experience serving agencies and brands, my capabilities encompass research, concept development, design, execution and delivery, whether I’m working independently, as a collaborator or leading a creative team.

Originally trained as an interface designer, I developed a fascination with how interaction between humans and technology could extend beyond the realm of devices. This inspired me to explore its application in various physical spaces like retail environments, exhibitions, and entertainment areas.

Currently based in Amsterdam, I’m seeking collaboration with forward-thinking local or global entities that are committed to pushing boundaries, dare to be different and making a positive impact.


Ace&Tate, Calvin Klein, Chanel, Chloé, C.P. Company, Converse, Fred Perry, Google, Louis Vuitton, Moncler, Nike,  Raf Simons, Remy Martin, Snapchat, SPACE10, Spotify, Tommy Hilfiger


Creative Direction, Design Direction, Creative Consultancy, Spatial Design, Interactive Design, Digital Design



Ⓒ 2023